About Me



I have always loved to sing. As a child I would sit beside our stereo system with my ear in the speaker and belt out my tune right along with whoever else was singing across the airwaves (or record!) My dear friend Lori & I, would sit for hours in my backyard and sing so much and so loud that we would at times be told, “please – just stop!” Even back then, my heart would yearn for the presence of God, and music would draw me, as it still does today, right into the very throne room of the King of Kings. Just one moment in His presence – and your life can take turns you never thought possible! Regardless of what season of life you are facing – whether totally gratifying or a bit challenging, it is my prayer that you will be uplifted, rejuvenated and encouraged by the messages in these songs.

Life is short – take notice of the little miracles along the way and celebrate every chance you get. Always remember God is “More than Enough”.

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